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ProgrammerHumour - Week 1

Neo: Ow! My eyes! Sun!
Q: Well, now you know you really are a programmer

Neo: The computer has so much cache it doesn't know what to do with it!

Neo: one oh one one oh one
Q: oh!
Neo: One!
Q: one one oh
Neo: *nodds sagely* Oh one

Neo: If I was part of a computer I'd be an OS (Operating System).
"I don't care what you do- just do it RIGHT!!"

Q: I am the Dr. Sues of programming

Neo: Uh oh, that sounded like a keyboard.

Neo: What is the sound of one mouse clicking?
NOTHING! Because there is no one there to click it! Duh nah nuh nuh nuh nuh nuuuuh

Neo: The Unicode Theme song

Q: The author of this book sounds like a nialistic bastard.
"It either works or it doesn't!" "Your stupid! Why am I writing this book!? I'm going to shoot myself! Wheres my shotgun!? The trigger of a shotgun is much like a keyboard-"
Neo: "It either works or it doesn't!"
(Said book: Guide to Operating Systems Secound Eddition)
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