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Week 5

Neo: Compiling, compiling, Fa la la la la laa!
Q: *dead pans* Did you just say "Compiling, compiling, Fa la la la la laa" ?
Neo: Yes!

Q: Na na na na- na na na na- NA-NA NOTEPAD!

Neo: I'm a stupid temp file! I should go kill myself! LALALALA!

Q: Look at all the pretty squares and circles- they say YES! *slow insane child tone*

Q: their lines say no but their shapes say yes.
Neo: So its that kind of flowchart, eh?

Neo: We're intellegenté! See the appostrophe makes us seem smart!

Neo: I have jolly ranchers!
Q: Can I have one?
Neo: Yes! I have no idea what flavour they are. Have mystery flavoured jolly rancher.
Q: Thankya.
Neo: Computer flavoured! mmmm keyboard!

*BAMBAMBAM noise from behind and across the room*
Neo: Someone doesn't like their computer.

Q: "I have some bad news. Your CPU board is brocken. I'm not going to tell you that everything will be fine but I'll do my best. I'm sorry"
It sounds like someone died!
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