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Week 3

Q: Xon Xoff provides flow control. It is the computers tampon.

Q: "The programmer must designate the data type durring the coding of the program." Thats alot of "D"'s... Its like programming from Sesame St.!

Q: Frodian Clicks

Q: We are the Beavis and Butthead of programming

Neo: SailorProgrammingHumour! COSMIC PROGRAMMING POWER!!!!!!

Neo: Ahhh, flow charts. Flow charts are your children. That must be hard to pass through. "OW! Corner!"

Neo: I can't spell today.
Q: T. O. D. A. Y.

Neo: If you were something interesting to do where would you be?
Q: In Fire!
Neo: You wouldn't get many visitors.

Q: The graphical nature of flowchars has proven effective in teaching viewer discression advised.

Q: The importance of decomposing.
(System Analysis and Design level 1 Book 2)

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